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Customized and comprehensive solutions that work for your business and your customers.

Technology Services

Bold Business has innovative solutions for nearly every aspect of technology, and can enable you to scale your business and maximize your growth. We can design, plan, build, maintain, and manage your solution with the latest and most innovative of technologies on the market.

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Architecture and Design

Your web- and data assets are most valuable when they are seamlessly integrated. Our developers are experienced in ensuring apps, middleware and databases are modeled for maximized communication and functionality.

Big Data and Analysis

High-volume, high-velocity data requires a keen big data strategy. We know how to harness big data using the latest in analytics and innovating frameworks, making your information work for you.

Technology and Vendor Selection

By clearly defining your needs, we will devise a management strategy that will guide your tech or vendor selection while maintaining optimal time and budget efficiency.


Cybersecurity threats are a fact of life in the digital, so setting up a robust security solution is a must. Count on our expertise and technological capabilities in creating reliable and cost-efficient security solutions that match your needs.

Software Development

Build a competitive advantage through custom software applications. From concept to roll-out and implementation, our goal is to help you achieve a business edge through customized tools.

Testing and QA

Save time and money while maintaining the highest level of quality with our top-notch testing and QA. We understand the need to meet and exceed stakeholder expectations, and we employ the latest, most effective trends in QA to ensure your product is at its best.

Support and Maintenance

Timely, reliable and consistent tech support is a requisite for seamless system deployment. The reliability and quality of our support and maintenance services ensure that functions are quickly restored to optimal levels.

Cloud and Data Center Services

Rely on our team to support and optimize the digital side of your business. We will work on matching your storage, incident management, and server-management and server-utilization needs.

Support / Remote, Staff Augmentation and Field

Our team can offer round-the-clock support for your business and technology needs. With staff augmentation, you are assured of a team that will work on hardware backup, recovery, application support and consulting.


Rely on us to be on the lookout for real-time statistics and performance issues. Achieve business continuity, implement recovery plans, and troubleshoot for potential issues through our monitoring services.

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White-labeling services

White-labeling services

Let our end-to-end digital marketing and technology services fill in any gaps that may arise in the services you offer to your clients. From top-notch content to innovative software solutions, we can provide the things that will help scale your business while keeping your clients happy.

Got A Project For bold Business Services

Got a project for us?

Are you ready to collaborate with some of the best in the business? Whether it’s digital marketing, training initiatives or sharpening your business processes, we’ve got you covered.

Got a project for us?

Got A Project For bold Business Services

Are you ready to collaborate with some of the best in the business? Whether it’s digital marketing, training initiatives or sharpening your business processes, we’ve got you covered.