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Virtual CISO

A Cost-Effective Solution For Your Security Needs

For most small- and medium-sized businesses, hiring a full-time Chief Information Security Officer may not be compatible with your limited resources. Still, having a high-caliber IT security professional to carry out your company’s security program is imperative.

Bold Business has the answer: a Virtual CISO, Virtual CISOs help organizations strategize, plan and execute effective information security programs using recognized cohesive and actionable strategies. Your company can offload security concerns to the Virtual CISO, allowing management to focus on running the business.

Everyone Can Be A Potential Target Of Cyber-Attacks

Businesses and organizations, whether small-to-medium enterprises to large global corporations, recognize this fact. The conversation around risks and threats is no longer about whether it is going to occur, because it will. The focus now is on how prepared you are, and how well you can recover in case IT security is compromised.

With the constantly shifting technological landscape and looming security threats, projects aimed at reinforcing IT security can be quite demanding. Similarly, access to the level of expertise needed to oversee and implement an active security posture can be costly. However, without a dedicated expert to manage IT infrastructure, the security risks increase.

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For a fraction of the cost, Bold Business Services Virtual CISO Solutions offers:

  • Leadership for your information security program
  • Assessment of your company’s IT security structure against the industry standards and Information Security Maturity Model
  • Creation of a Compliance and Security Strategic Roadmap specific to your organizational needs
  • Assistance with planning, drafting, reviewing, and publishing of your organization’s Security Policies, procedures, standards and guidelines
  • Assessment of your organization’s regulatory compliance: GDPR, HIPAA, NIST, ISO and others
  • Remediation of regulatory compliance deficiencies
  • Management of security-related projects such as compliance, evaluations, and accreditations
  • Interaction with Board of Directors, Management of executives and stakeholders
  • Implementation and execution of Security Awareness Programs such as training, seminars, and incident response programs
  • Change Management around the implementation of security-related programs

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